Israel U-nity Week 2014

After planning over the past few months, today we are excited to announce official details for Israel U-nity Week 2014. We just launched the official website for Israel U-nity Week 2014, a new initiative by Campuses For Israel. It is a pro-Israel nationwide event on college campuses in order to highlight Israel in positive ways and to truly be “united” everywhere for one week. Although some university pro-Israel clubs do events throughout the year, Israel U-nity Week will bring everyone in support together uniformly.

This year Israel Unity Week will occur from February 9th to February 15th. We have seen interest from campuses across the country making our first Israel U-nity Week be an event that happens from coast to coast across the United States. Schools such as Boston University, UCLA, University of Central Florida, Northeastern University, University of Southern California, and more have already signed on to host events for Israel U-nity Week 2014. All campuses that are part of Campuses For Israel have been invited to participate and are able to receive help through their region Campus Coordinator to do so.

StandWithUs, a prominent pro-Israel organization, whom Campuses For Israel recently entered into a partnership with, will be one of the sponsors of Israel U-nity Week 2014. StandWithUs’ support will allow clubs across the country to receive grants for their events, just as they do all semester long through StandWithUs. We’re in talks with more sponsors to help bring Israel U-nity Week onto more campuses with more support.

You can learn more about Israel U-nity Week and how you can get involved at

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