Our Mission

Our Mission

Campuses for Israel was started with one big goal in mind: to unify and support pro-Israel clubs on college/university campuses around the world. We want to help students spread a positive message of Israel on their campus and share their love for Israel.


We want to unify pro-Israel clubs on college/universities campuses all around the world. Why? Because together we can make a big impact and work to show Israel in a positive light on campuses. By bringing clubs together, we can create a worldwide network of pro-Israel clubs.


By unifying, we can encourage clubs to offer support to one another. Clubs that join us will join a network of clubs all around the world. So clubs that need support can find clubs that understand their situation or locate clubs in their area to come and show their support.

Who’s Joining?

We already have pro-Israel clubs at some great schools on board with us including Boston Univeristy, UCLA, USC, University of Miami, Duke University, University of Minnesota, and many more. They share our mission and vision and want to help us bring pro-Israel clubs together.

How are we doing it?

In order to successfully unify and support all of the clubs that plan to join our organization, we had to think of a creative way to ensure we could build a successful network. After some thought we think we found a great way to do this: through an exclusive social network we’re calling The Community.

So…What does this social network entail?

Make Connections

By unifying pro-Israel clubs on college/university campuses, we have a network of clubs around the world ready for you to meet. Make connections with clubs in your area or clubs with similar situations on campus. Use those connections to build relationships and make a bigger impact together. It’s easier than ever with our social network to meet other pro-Israel clubs and it is only available at Campuses for Israel.

Share Ideas

You can only think of so much yourself. With our social network, you can reach out to our community of clubs and share information and ideas you may have. Plus, receive feedback, give feedback, and build on those ideas and get them put into action. Our social network is designed to make it easy for clubs to communicate and exchange ideas and it’s the perfect and only place you can do this in a safe, welcoming environment.

Give & Get Support

Having an issue on your campus? Need advice? Why not get some advice from a campus who has gone through it already? It’s so easy with our social network to ask for support from other clubs. Plus, you can show others your support too. Find a club that is nearby and go show your support or have them support you. It’s all about making connections to support one another and that’s what we’re all about at Campuses for Israel.

On board? Want to help? Get involved right now!
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