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Join Us Today! Fill out the application below to join Campuses for Israel. By filling out the application you understand the rules, requirements, and expectations of Campuses for Israel. Forgot? No problem. We’ve listed them below the application for your convenience. We look forward to reviewing your application and thank you for your interest in our organization.

Tons of Rules to Follow? Barely Any.

We don’t want to cramp your style or limit your creativity and ambitions. We just want to make sure you’re as serious as we are about sharing our love for Israel and spreading a positive message. That’s why we have very few rules and requirements for clubs to follow when agreeing to join our organization. Every rule and requirement has been thought of carefully and has been decided by our team as an essential part of ensuring each club is serious and effective.


  • Clubs must always try to promote Israel in a positive light
  • Clubs must hold minimum 2 pro-Israel events each semester (cultural or political, it’s all up to you)
  • Clubs must do some sort of event for Israel Unity Week* and Israel’s Birthday (These events can count toward the 2 event requirement)
  • Clubs must commit to membership for a full year before choosing to leave our organization

* More information will be provided about Israel Unity Week once your application is accepted. If you have questions, please contact us before you submit your application.