Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about our website and joining our organization along with answers to them. If you have anymore do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have questions about Israel-related information, please check out our Know The Facts page and its questions and answer page HERE

Questions about Campuses for Israel/Website
What is Campuses for Israel?
Campuses for Israel is an organization started in May 2013 with the goal to help unify, provide support, and educate pro-Israel clubs at colleges and universities around the world. We provide education materials as well as a social network that helps pro-Israel clubs communicate with each other in order to build relationships, bounce off ideas, and gain support.
Does Campuses for Israel have complete control over its clubs?
Absolutely not! We’re a democracy, just like Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East! As per the terms of joining, clubs that join us only are required to fulfill our requirements. Our requirements and terms are very lenient and we constantly welcome the input of everyone at Campuses for Israel to make the policies and requirements easy for all to meet. We constantly mold to the vision our clubs want and see for our pro-Israel community.
How credible is Campuses for Israel?
Campuses for Israel was founded by Raphael Fils and Eytan Davidovits, two Hasbara Fellowships alumni. Hasbara Fellowships help teach Israel advocacy to college students and is a trusted and respected organization around the world. We were founded with the goal to unite and support Israel clubs and with our expertise and support provided by other respected organizations, such as Hasbara Fellowships, a leader in Israeli advocacy.
Are you part of Hasbara Fellowships or Aish?
We are partners with Hasbara Fellowships. We believe their Israel advoacy training is one of the best out there as they provide students access to speakers on both ends of the pro and anti-Israel spectrum and provide useful tools to their fellows. We are not affiliated with Aish, although we do respect them and love what they do!
What is the 'The Community' section of your website?
The Community section of our website is the best part! It provides our members the ability to interact with one another in a social network created just for the pro-Israel clubs that joined our organization. Clubs can build relationships with pro-Israel clubs around the world, bounce ideas off with one another, and get advice and support from other clubs who might have similar issues and experience on their campus. It also provides a way for us to send out announcements and get feedback from our members.
Why can't I login or access The Community section?
Our community section of our website is only for clubs that are members of our organization. Each school is provided with a login for their club and can login and get involved in our social network. Please ask your club president or advisor for access via their login. If you have a login and are having issues logging in, please e-mail our support team at siteadmin@campusesforisrael.org
Can I as an individual join your team and help?
We would love to grow our team! If you think you can help us out, e-mail us at questions@campusesforisrael.org with information about yourself and why you think you can help us. Please understand that no positions we hire for are paying and all on a volunteer basis.
I work for an organization that wants to help. Can we?
Absolutely! We welcome partnerships with other organizations that share the same values and goals we do! If you are an official representative of the organization, please e-mail us at partners@campusesforisrael.org and let us know!
Who do I e-mail if I have more questions?
You can e-mail us at questions@campusesforisrael.org with any additional questions you may have! We are more than happy to answer them and help you figure out how to join Campuses for Israel.
Who funds your organization?
At this time, we have a few donors that have helped us cover our costs. As a website, we have low overhead, thus not needing large amounts of donations. However, in the future would like to expand and be able to help financially support our campuses in some way, so any donation would help tremendously.
Can I donate to your organization?
We are currently in the process of being accepted as a non-profit organization. Thus, if you would currently like to donate to us, it’s not tax deducible. If you would like to know when we have been approved as a non-profit and would like to donate, please e-mail our co-founder Raphael Fils at raphael@campusesforisrael.org.
Membership/Joining Questions
What do you consider a 'pro-Israel' club?
We consider a pro-Israel club, a club whose main goal is to advocate for Israel and its right to exist. Also it is important as a club to educate others on their campus about Israel and advocate for peace. We want clubs to join us who love Israel as much as we do and enjoy educating the public on issues in the media and try as much as possible to portray Israel in a positive light.
Can any pro-Israel club join Campuses for Israel?
We would love to have every pro-Israel club join Campuses for Israel but unfortunately we cannot approve every club into our organization. Clubs that are chapters of another organization, such as J-Street, are ineligible of joining Campuses for Israel. This is to make sure other organization’s goals, actions, and requirements do not interfere with ours and the clubs we represent.
What requirements do clubs have once they join?
We have very few rules and requirements for our clubs in order to make it as easy as possible for passionate clubs to join our organization. The current rules/requirements are listed below:

  • Clubs must always try to promote Israel in a positive light
  • Clubs must hold minimum 2 pro-Israel events each semester (cultural or political, it’s all up to you)
  • Clubs must do some sort of event for Israel Unity Week and Israel’s Birthday (These events can count toward the 2 event requirement)
  • Clubs must commit to membership for a full year before choosing to leave our organization
Is my club forever committed to membership once joining?
Absolutely not. Once your club joins us, you are committed to a one year commitment. Once that year is over, you can choose to rejoin or leave, although we don’t know why you would leave, it’s amazing here.
Is any student from my school able to sign up our school's club?
No, as a safety precaution for us and your school, we only will approve applications for your school’s pro-Israel club that have been sent by your club’s advisor or official representatives. This is a way for us to make sure we are communicating directly with the people at your school who represent your club and have the authority to decide whether they want to join Campuses for Israel.
Can more than one pro-Israel club at my school join?
Any club that is eligible to join us is welcome! We encourage clubs to work together, and that includes on your campus.
How much does it cost for my school's club to join?
It is FREE for your club to join Campuses for Israel. Our website and tools are available to your school for FREE thanks to generous donations by donors around the world. The only cost to you is your time and dedication to doing pro-Israel work on your campus!
Can a pro-Israel club under Hillel join?
Yes! Clubs under Hillel are not run by Hillel, only supported, so clubs that are part of their campus’ Hillel are able to join Campuses for Israel.
Can a J-Street Chapter join Campuses for Israel?
Unfortunately, J-Street chapters cannot join Campuses for Israel. They are already part of a national organization, which makes them ineligible for membership, in order to make sure their main organization’s goals do not interfere with ours, or the clubs that we represent that have joined us.
What is Israel Unity Week?
Israel Unity Week is a secret for now and information is only available to clubs that have joined our organization. To learn more, please contact us directly.