Why Join Us?

Why should your campus join us?

It’s time for us to come together. Campuses for Israel is unifying and supporting pro-Israel clubs around the world by creating a safe space for them to exchange ideas and build relationships with one another. We’re doing something that hasn’t been done before by creating an exclusive social network for pro-Israel club leaders to connect. Read below the top 5 reasons your campus should join us! With our help and your dedication, we can make a difference on your college campus.

Top 5 Reasons to Join

  • Make Connections, Build Relationships
  • Share Information and Ideas
  • Give Support, Get Support
  • It’s a democracy, not a dictatorship
  • It’s FREE!

Make Connections, Build Relationships

By unifying pro-Israel clubs on college/university campuses, we have a network of clubs around the world ready for you to meet. Build connections with clubs in your area or clubs with similar situations on campus. Use those connections to build relationships and make a bigger impact together. It’s easier than ever with our social network to meet other pro-Israel clubs and it is only available at Campuses for Israel.

Share Information and Ideas

You can only think of so much yourself. With our social network, you can reach out to our community of clubs and share information and ideas you may have. Plus, receive feedback, give feedback, and build on those ideas and get them put into action. Our social network is designed to make it easy for clubs to communicate and exchange ideas and it’s the perfect and only place you can do this in a safe, welcoming environment.

Give Support, Get Support

Having an issue on your campus? Need advice? Why not get some advice from a campus who has gone through it already. It’s so easy with our social network to ask for support from other clubs. Plus, you can show others your support too. Find a club that is nearby and go show your support or have them support you. It’s all about making connections to support one another and that’s what we’re all about at Campuses for Israel.

It’s a Democracy, Not a Dictatorship!

Just like Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, we, unlike other club organizations, don’t want to have complete control over the clubs that join us. Once a member, you will see how much of a voice every club has. Vote in polls, participate in discussions, and let your voice be heard about what you think Campuses for Israel should and shouldn’t do. You have a voice as part of the united front we all represent.

It’s FREE!

Yes, you read that correctly. Joining Campuses for Israel is FREE. No monthly, or yearly fees, and no multi-year commitment. Thanks to generous donations, we are able to exist and provide you with our services for free. If your club joins and after a year want to leave, you’re free to, but we don’t know why you would, it’s awesome here.

Convinced? Add Your Campus!

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Tons of Rules to Follow? Barely Any.

We don’t want to cramp your style or limit your creativity and ambitions. We just want to make sure you’re as serious as we are about sharing our love for Israel and spreading a positive message. That’s why we have very few rules and requirements for clubs to follow when agreeing to join our organization. Every rule and requirement has been thought of carefully and has been decided by our team as an essential part of ensuring each club is serious and effective.


  • Clubs must always try to promote Israel in a positive light
  • Clubs must hold minimum 2 pro-Israel events each semester (cultural or political, it’s all up to you)
  • Clubs must do some sort of event for Israel Unity Week and Israel’s Birthday (These events can count toward the 2 event requirement)
  • Clubs must commit to membership for a full year before choosing to leave our organization